What we do

Shared values. Untapped assets. Complementary capabilities. Measurable results.

Businesses have an enormous responsibility to achieve their commercial objectives in sustainable and inclusive ways. Boster Group’s distinctive ecosystem provides leaders with the strategic insight, scalable campaign design and meaningful relationships that make this possible. Our expertise enables clients to navigate cross-sector complexities and broker impactful partnerships at the right level.

We do this through bespoke partnerships spanning social justice, sustainability, client engagement, health and wellbeing, thought leadership, and the creative sector. Boster Group can be engaged or retained across the partnership lifecycle – from identifying new opportunities to measuring existing relationships.


Boster Group identifies partners, programmes and opportunities that are aligned with our clients’ values and mission. We do this by collaborating with stakeholders to articulate key criteria for success. We then leverage our global network to identify the most well-suited corporations, foundations and institutions.


Boster Group’s expertise means we can effectively identify, engage and educate key influencers who will advocate for our clients with credibility and authenticity. This is complemented by our cross-sector knowledge of partnership models and strategic growth challenges, which empowers our team to negotiate more assets and drive greater returns. Altogether, it results in truly valuable partnerships that are bespoke, mutually significant and transformative.


Boster Group has a proven record of translating business needs to develop inventive and tailored partnership campaigns that benefit all parties. We are committed to identifying win-win opportunities with activation that’s distinctive to our clients’ brands. The partnerships we realise are, therefore, authentic and sensitive.


Whether defining KPIs at the start of a new relationship or auditing an existing partnership, Boster Group’s success rests on an analytical approach to measuring the impact of partnerships to demonstrate return on investment. We work closely with clients to ensure their partnerships deliver return and collaborate with partners to explore how that return is optimised.


Our clients’ values, purpose and objectives are at the centre of every project, so that we never lose sight of what matters

Every project begins with extensive due diligence so that we fully understand and appreciate the challenges, goals and opportunities our clients face. Our recent project successes show the effectiveness of our client-centred approach.

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